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Anxiety, depression and addiction

Psychedelic assisted treatment

Behandling av angst, depresjon og avhengighet med psilocybin

Research on psilocybin and LSD suggests that psychedelics can be very effective in treating mental disorders such as anxiety, severe depression and addiction, even where the condition cannot be treated with classic psychotropic drugs. Michael Pollan, the author of Psychedelic Renaissance, says the following: “Psychedelia makes the insights feel like deep truths instead of seeming banal. Smokers know that nicotine is not good for them, but they cannot stop. Suddenly they think: "no, this is really true, I HAVE to stop". Then they can do it. William James wrote about the mystical experience, which is very similar to the psychedelic, and called it the noetic quality, meaning that the insights you gain along the way are not perceived as opinions, but as truth and knowledge.


It may appear strange that psychedelic treatment shows great treatment potential both against depression, anxiety and addictions, as these appear to be three quite different disorders. Pollan and others point out, however, that the disorders have much in common. "All three lead to an obsessive way of thinking. You are unable to break out of thought patterns, and you brood constantly. Psychedelics are very effective at changing mental habits, and all of these disorders are about habitual thinking. It is very difficult to get a perspective that breaks this vicious circle.”

The current situation is that many of the drugs used for anxiety and depression, among other things, are toxic and addictive, in addition to only treating the symptoms. Psychedelics are neither patented nor expensive to produce. Ironically, this is something that can make it more difficult to introduce because drug companies are not particularly interested in cheap medicine that you only take once, and from which they consequently do not make much money. Fortunately, both public and private actors, in addition to the health authorities, are in the process of taking over the good results, so that more people can access and benefit from such treatment.

If you think that this is something for you, but has no place in an official scheme, come to us rather than start experimenting on your own. We will do everything we can to create the conditions for a safe and therapeutic journey that can hopefully give you a new and brighter look at life - or be the start of a life with less dependence on degrading substances or habits.

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