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Our philosophy

Our aim is that every person should be able to achieve insight, freedom and a sense of power and joy in their own life. A psychedelic experience can be the starting point on this path.

Regardless of which faith or philosophy of life we base ourselves on, it is indisputable that one of the most central things about human existence is the opportunity we have to achieve a conscious relationship both with our inner psychological world and the physical-material world we spring from of and is still part of.

In both of these realities there are both hidden and visible landscapes:

Just below the surface of our own psyche is a vast landscape of unconscious ideas about ourselves, the world and other people, memories, instincts and other archaic drives. In parallel, what we actually perceive of the material world outside is only a small sample of everything that exists and takes place there. Understood in this way, each and every human being is a focal point for contact between all parts of reality, with associated opportunities for insight and innovation.

Instead of client and materialization in the face of an often rigid public apparatus, our experience is that everyone carries within them their own truth, as well as the possibility of change and growth. Our role is to facilitate this in a safe and knowledge-based way, as well as assist you in your own, further exploration of life and reality.

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