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Tripsiting and psychedelic therapy

When you book a psychedelic session with us, we ensure that it is carried out according to "best practice" - based both on modern research, the experiences gained in the 60s and our own experiences. As far as the setting is concerned, this means that the session is carried out in safe and comfortable surroundings, that the room is dim/dark, and that everything that may be needed during the day is at hand. Blindfolds and a specially adapted playlist on headphones are also important elements in ensuring that the journey is introspective and has a developing and therapeutic potential, rather than just showing you funny colors on the wall.


​ The right set - or mindset - is created in several ways. The information you yourself have acquired over time is a fundamental part of this. For many, it takes several years before it feels right to embark on a psychedelic journey. The information on this page is naturally also part of this process. ​ The typical thing is when you contact us via e-mail or contact form, we arrange a non-binding telephone conversation quite quickly. Here we get to know each other better, and we get the opportunity to better understand your situation and your starting point. For you, it also provides greater security to hear a voice - and possibly see a face - than through written contact alone. Here we can hopefully answer any questions you may have, so that you have the best possible starting point to find out if this is the right way forward for you.

The session day itself typically begins with approx. 2 hour conversation before the journey. Here we teach you both mental and physical tools that can be useful to have along the way. Concretely, the key to the most rewarding and developing experience possible is devotion or surrender, as well as letting go: Surrender to and acceptance of what we are shown and of what we feel, as well as letting go of limiting ideas, notions or neuroses. We therefore prepare this as well as possible in the preparatory conversation. ​ We will also agree on what is the right dose for you. We have extensive experience with what fits best in the individual situation, but the final decision is of course up to you.

The journey itself usually lasts 4-5 hours. Many are completely submerged in their own world during these hours, while others feel the need to talk along the way about the topics that come up. We will allow this to happen along as it unfolds.


After the journey, we talk together as long as it takes to "land" what you have been through. Some quickly want to be alone and land things on their own, while others talk for hours about what they've been through. In any case, we never leave you until the journey itself is over, and you explicitly state that you want to be alone. 

Usually the session take place in Oslo, where we are based. By agreement, we can also come to your home.

To the extent that this entails travel outside Oslo/Norway, the according costs will be added.


Price guided psychedelic journey, first session: €800 (accomodation in Oslo not included)

Follow-up sessions: €700

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