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Contact for trip sitting/
psychedelic therapy

If you want competent support and a safe setting to explore what psychedelics can do for you and your life, we are happy to help you.

Send us a few words about yourself and your situation through the form below - or directly to the email address at the bottom of the page. Please a few words about who you are, where you live and what you wish to get out of the sessions.

We will respond within two to three days at the latest - usually faster.

Together we will find the best way forward. 

We arrange the sessions at a neutral location, or possibly at your home if you prefer, but remember that the location must be completely undisturbed. We ourselves are based in Oslo, Norway, and the very best is if you have the opportunity to come here. Alternatively, we can come to you anywhere in Europe, or all over the world for that matter. Travel costs/stay will then be added to the total costs. 

All personal data is treated confidentially.

Get in touch for more information or booking a psychedelic.

All informations are treated confidentially.

Thank you, you will hear from us soon.

 Tripsitter Oslo, Tripsitter Bergen, Tripsitter Trondheim, Tripsitter Bodø, Tripsitter Tromsø, Tripsitter Stavanger, Tripsitter Lillehammer, Tripsitter Hamar, Tripsitter Fredrikstad, Tripsitter Sarpsborg, Tripsitter Drammen, Tripsitter Norway, Tripsitter Sweden, Tripsitter Denmark, Tripsitter Halden, Tripsitter Alta, Tripsitter Lofoten, Tripsitter Vesterålen, Tripsitter Innlandet, Tripsitter Eastern Norway, Tripsitter Northern Norway, Tripsitter Western Norway, Tripsitter Southern Norway, Tripsitter Kristiansand, Tripsitter Arendal, Tripsitter Hønefoss, Tripsitter Haugesund, Tripsitter Trøndelag

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