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Who are we?


My name is Ole-Kristian Krukhaug, and I live in Oslo, Norway. Originally I am from Dombås in Gudbrandsdalen, amd born in 1974. I have a master's degree in philosophy from UiO, with psychology as a support subject. I also have further education in philosophical practice, as well as stress and crisis work. With this basis, I worked for almost 10 years in municipal psychiatry - including municipal crisis teams with the prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder/stress syndrome (PTSD). I also had my own coaching practice. Together, this is one of the legs I now rest my work as a psychedelic guide on. 

Early in my studies - back in 2002 - I came across Stanislav Grof's books on his research on LSD, and since studied what I came across about psychedelics. I have brought with me these perspectives in work with non-drug methods for achieving changed states of consciousness, such as breathing techniques. From 2016 I have explored this path with the help of psychedelic drugs, and from 2021 I have offered assistance as a psychedelic guide/tripsitter. 

I myself have somewhere between 75 and 100 psychedelic journeys behind me; Everyone at different doses and with different purposes - but with the overall goal of understanding myself and the reality we live in, as well as how these experiences can help people with redemption and growth. I have now assisted others in more than 200 psychedelic sessions, which eventually makes patterns appear with regards to what works well and less well for different types of personalities and problem complexes. Of course, I also use my experience and methods from psychiatry to qualify you as a client, to guide you through the psychedelic process and to integrate the psychedelic experience.

With me I also have a small group of triple sitters/psychedelic therapists. One of them even has experience with PTSD, anxiety and depression, which he found ways to control through his own journey with psychedelics and other plant medicine. This gives him good sensitivity to what it takes to help clients with similar ailments. He is also very experienced on microdosing, and is happy to guide you with this. 

We also have a female triple with solid education and extensive experience from psychiatry. She has great sensitivity and care for the individual client, and achieves very good results. 



Everything we do is based on genuine interest and consideration for human kind, and that everyone should be able to experience growth, joy of life and freedom - despite the limitations created by a difficult childhood, trauma or simply that life happened. We look forward to getting to know you, and nothing will please us more than if we can help you take important steps in the direction of a better, freer and more joyous life.


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